Costing $15 back then, the 54 year-old Bordeaux scored 19 points on the Dionysian scale of 20. The 1966 Cos D’Estournel from Saint-Estephe comes from a really great vintage, just a hint under the 1961’s. It still had good color with brick and amber on the edge. It had tobacco: Cavendish, and cedar with leather and baked black fruits. The wine had 11% alcohol proving that the acids and tannins give the backbone needed to age.

It made the lamb chops and wild mushrooms show their best.

It was decanted and dropped a half inch of sediment. The open wine held together in the glasses for the entire dinner, and even afterwards with some cheddar. Saint-Estephe makes the hardest Bordeaux and they need the most tie to mellow out. I wish I had more 1966’s than I do. It is a perfect peak and may live another five years before declining somewhat. In Vino Veritas.