At 37 years old, the 1983 Clos les Templiers Lalande de Pomerol was beautifully soft Merlot. With 12.9% alcohol, costing at the time under $15, and scoring 17+ points on the Dionysian scale of 20, the wine was at perfection.

The decanting filtering screen had half an inch of sediment in it. However, the leather and lingering cassis, blueberry and oak continued to open for nearly an hours after serving. Its color was garnet with an amber-brown edge.

Served with a beef dish, the wine added to the food’s flavor while the protein from the meat softened the remaining tannins.

Hints of dried roses suggest a bit of Cabernet Franc in the wine too. 1982 got all the press, but Bordeaux from 1983 were made in the more classic style and will age longer than the 82’s I think. Savoring a wine like this is why I suggest that everyone lay away some great wines to age and then enjoy them with their complex perfections. In Vino Veritas.