This 37 year-old Italian Nebbiolo-based wine had 12 ABV, cost under $10 back then, and scored 18 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale. Spanna is a nickname for Nebbiolo, the grape of Barolo, in some sections of Italy’s Piemonte.

It had an orange amber edge, was as light as a Pinot Noir, and had complex aromas of road tar, dried roses and backed cherry pie. It has been hold at its peak now for nearly ten years and will fade over the next decade.

After decanting, it was served with a boar dish along side pasta and a cheese-laced salad. Even the label held up well.

Whenever I open a wine like this I am so glad I filled my cellar decades ago when people knew only Merlot as their dinner wine. Start now. Find big reds and lay them down for your drinking future. I’m down to my remaining 1500 bottles and will add very few more. In Vino Veritas.