With 12 ABV, costing under $16, and scoring 15 points on the Dionysian scale, the Multi-Vintage Portugese Vinho Espumante de Qualidade Chave de Oiro sparkling wine is a steal.

Made the same way Champagne is made but with different grapes, the bubbles from Chave de Oior will serve any sparkling purpose. Tiny bubbles, some toast hints and a refreshing crisp flavor right through the finish show that the wine was hand made.

Served with sea-salted Spanish almonds prior to dinner and the right into the chicken dish where the sparkling wine enhanced the flavors.

I love all sparkling wines and when you can serve bubbles to make a toast or just enjoy the quiet time prior to an evening meal starting, Portugal may be the place to go for smart wine buyers who are not label-drinkers. In Vino Veritas.