Served at a Dionysian Gathering back in 1998, this Gallerey 1995 Chardonnay Cave du Mistral with 12% alcohol, costing about $12, scored 16 points on the on 20-point Dionysian scale.

It’s a Vin du Pays L’Aude and is part of their artist series. It held together nicely and showed good acidity with apple fruit. Classic. It was deep amber and I thought it would be well over peak, BUT it tasted as quality old Chardonnay should.

Served with a butter and pasta dish mixed with broccoli and onions, the wine made a simple isolated dinner into a special. evening .

At 25 years old, the wine proved that lower alcohol, high acids white wines can age gracefully and provide enhanced complexity for those willing to wait. They say the best tie to plant a tree was twenty years ago, second best is right now. It’s the same with wine cellars: if you didn’t start a collection 20 years ago, start one now. In Vino Veritas.