The 1997 Domaine Daniel Seguinot Chablis Primeur  Cru from the Fourchaume Vineyards, had 13%  alcohol and scored 17+ Dionysian Points on their 20-point scale. Wet slate, stone, and citrus were in the nose. It had refreshing acidity and a lingering after-taste. You could easily tell the Chardonnay was grown in Chablis. It cost under $22 then.


Served with a scallop pasta meal, the wine highlighted the shellfish. Perfect. It became the focal point of the dinner increasing in aromas as it warmed. 

At 23 years old, you’d think the white wine would have faded. I’ve had Chablis with Dionysian Dr. Gary Pavlis’ little necks and butter, steamed in beer, that was 28 and another at 30 years old. Both were outstanding. They age well as they darken. toward a golden brown.

This had an additional complex nose of an herb and honey scent without any sweetness. I’ve aged a lot of white Burgundy and they’ve never disappointed me. In Vino Veritas.