Scoring 16+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20, the 2017 Kalogeri Magagouzia from Greece had 12.5% alcohol, and cost about $15.

It was dry, well balanced, and had mineral notes on the taste. A tangerine peal, green melon, and lime citrus showed in the nose. It’s an ideal seafood wine. It already has a yellow gold color.

Malagouzia is an ancient grape that grows no where else. It comes form the central mainland area of Greece andI’d serve it to any knowledgable wine lover.

We enjoyed it was a scallop pasta dish and it was perfect. I’d expect the wine to last, due to its excellent acidity, for at least six to ten years, but at three to five years, it will show beautifully. Seek it out. In Vino Veritas.