Scoring 19 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, the 21 year-old white Burgundy had 13% alcohol and cost just under $30 then. The 1999 Doudet-Naudin Chassagne-Montachet Premier Cru “Les Vergers” was creamy, and had sweet hints of oak with baked apple pie aromas. It had mango and subtle pineapple too. It was getting deeper gold, beyond straw-yellow and seemed to be at peak.

The wine was served with a crab cake of nearly 99% crab and also with a white chowder. The food helped increase the flavors the of the wine. It was too cold when first opened and was nice, but not opening up; after it warmed to near room temperature, well outside Cape May temperature, the wine began to exhibit its complex and aged aromas and taste. Dionysian Doctor Segarra would have loved this one since Chassagne-Montrachets are among his favorites wines. It would be perfect with lobster tail. In Vino Veritas

White Burgundy does and should be aged a decade or more.