The 2001 Russian River Valley Estate Bottles De Loach Zinfandel has 14.5% alcohol, cost just over $16, and scored a very nice 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

The wine, after decanting, was smooth and balanced. It’s nose was black fruits like over ripe blueberry, blackberries, and hints of gun powder and pepper. The wine had a long clean finish and paired nicely with food.


At 18 years old, this Zin was at peak. It enhanced a pasta dish and proved that well-made Zinfandel can age when stored in a dark, cold cellar.

The vines date back to 1895 and this wine comes from head-pruned vines of theĀ  Barbieri, Papera, Pelletti, Gambogi and the SaitoneĀ  vineyards. The oldest Zinfandel vines produce the richest fruit flavors.

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The Zin made the pasta taste richer and the seared radishes brought our more fruit in the wine. It can age another five years. In Vino Veritas.