2003 Erbaluce Di Caluso

Imported by Skandis Fine Wines, the 12.5% alcohol Italian white was over its peak, but still scored a drinkable 14 points of the 20-point Dionysian scale. The 2003 Erbaluce Di Caluso is from Caluso, Italy. It cost under $20, and is one of Italy’s uniquely rare grapes. It peaked at 2009, but now at 17 years old, its color darkened, and only a nutty aroma covered its once flowery nose.


Erbaluce is a rare grape and wine lovers all thank Christine Skandis, a Dionysian Member from Kalamazoo, MI, , for bringing it into America.

I’ve had it a peak with fish and veggies, and it’s another Italian wine that we should learn to enjoy.  The wine is from a comune of Turin, the city in Piedmont.  In Vino Veritas.

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  1. Robert Frank

    Some years ago, I had an older Erbaluce that was direct from Christine’s hand. I was surprised she was bringing it in to the US, since it was already over the hill. My score was a bit lower than yours, John.

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