The 2007 Spanish Nodus Reserva de Familia from Bodegas de Utiel cost about $20, has 13.5% alcohol and scored 17 Dionysian points. (Almost gold!)

It’s ruby with a hint of orange on the edge, peaking at 13 years old, but still has a decade, the wine has spices, black cherry, and subtle wood.

It enhanced the pork tenderloin, laced with bacon chips and loads of greens to help. The wine was decanted with nearly no sediment and opened even more for the next two hours.

The rich American Oak brightened the Tempranillo, the Cabernet Sauvignon gave it loads of backbone, and the Syrah added spices and pepper making this an exception food wine. It was estate bottled. I do not know if it’s still being imported into the USA. In Vino Veritas.