Costing $62 when released, with 15% alcohol, but not noticeable, the 2009 Cassanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino scored 19+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

I’m usually harder on wines with more than 14.5% alcohol, but this Brunello, opened three hours prior to drinking, still continued to open even more for another two hours. Rich dark chocolate over black cherry and a red fruit mixture filled the nose. The was was perfectly balanced and coated the front, middle and back palate.

It was served with a grilled beef dish alongside a mixture of vegetables.

It’s just coming into peak and if it had lower alcohol, I’d say it had another 40 years, but I’ve found that high alcohol wines tend to fade faster after peaking sooner. I know the producer, one of the top three for Brunello, and never checked the alcohol before I bought it.

Aside from that, it was the best wine I’ve had since the pandemic broke out. I will save the few others I have to share with freinds. In Vino Veritas.