The 2015 Alambre Moscatel de Setubal is an outstanding dessert wine. With 18% percent alcohol and costing under $20, the wine from Jose Maria da Fonseca comes form the Setubal region in southern Portugal. It scored 18 points on the Dionysian 20-point scale. It’s still a baby at just five years old and will age for two decades.

Ideally served with a Flan, an egg custard, sweet buns, or used by itself as dessert, Alambre is one of the very best Moscatels from the Setubal region.

Honey and apricot fill your nose. This full-bodied wine lingers forever in your mouth and even on a hot summer’s day, it can make you think of a cool refreshing autumn evening because the sweetness is not cloying having good acidity. Seek a few out; one to try and the others to age in your collection. No wine cellar is complete without one. In Vino Veritas.