The Non-vintage (a blend of recent years) Chave de Oiro Vinho Espumante de Qualidade has 12% alcohol, cost under $15, and scores a delightful 16 points on the Dionysian 20-point scale.

The bubbly is golden, dry (Bruto), and refreshing with more fruit than toast or French bread like Champagne. Newark, NJ has been drinking volumes of this sparkling wine for decades with its high Portuguese population. The bubbles lasted throughout the entire meal.

It was served with a cod dish over spinach and with white rice.

It’s great to find inexpensive bubbles that offer some quality and are refreshing with the meal or used as a starter prior to dinner. You can get nearly a case of this one instead of a single bottle of some French Champagnes that are good, but not ten times better. In Vino Veritas.