Marselen is a cross between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2015 Garson  Marselan  Reserve from  Uruguay has 14.5% alcohol, cost under $20, and scored a fine 16 Dionysian points.

It is soft, easy to drink with balanced light tannins. It has some cherry notes mixed with blackberry, and lots of spicy notes.  The Dionysians visited the Garzon Winery when we were touring South America. I’ve never tasted a French version.


Marselan grows well in warmer areas and that’s whey the new Bordeaux laws will permit it to be grown there and blended into Bordeaux; the first change in three centuries.

If you enjoy wine with food, this is a grape to learn about. China has the most  acres planted right now ,and France is planting more. The style from Uruguay is very pleasant. Fruity, soft to the taste, and it pairs with all meats and pasta meals.

I expect it to be able to age a decade, but is enjoyable quite young. In Vino Veritas.