Scoring 18 Gold Medal points onĀ  the Dionysian scale of a possible perfect 20, and with an outstanding 7% alcohol, this dessert wine, the Banfi Rosa Regale, made with the Brachetto grape, is a chocolate covered-cherry in a bottle.

The sparkling wine’s bubbles lift the aroma to your nose, and it pairs with anything chocolate, well, with nearly anything. The wine simply kisses your palate! Of course there’s a romantic legend behind the name.


The low alcohol make s this the ideal after dinner dessert wine. It pairs with so many desserts, or simply savor it alone as dessert.

I poured it with a chocolate toped cheese cake dessert and everyone loved it, even the strangers sitting next to me who were just about ready for coffee.

The name Banfi is synonymous with quality and this is one of they many special treats. In Vino Veritas.