The 2015 Louis Latour Santenay has 13% alcohol, cost about $22 a bottle, and scored an excellent 16+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20. Latour makes outstanding Burgundy and this Pinot Noir had rich cherry, herbs, some smoke and showed an earthiness from the French terroir.

The Cote-D’Or Village of Santenay is not as well known as the more expensive Burgundies, but it provides classic wines in the French style of Pinot Noir.


I love this wine with salmon, but we paired it with a pork tenderloin stuffed with nuts and herbs. It was perfect and changed a dull evening meal into a special event. Only wine can do that!

It had very smooth tannins as expected from the great 2015 Burgundy vintage. Pinot Noir has been produced there since 1797 so you can be sure they’ve got it down.  Remember, you should be able to see through Pinot Noir wines. Too many super dark American ones are laced with other red grapes.  In Vino Veritas.