Costing under $12, with an enjoyable 12% alcohol, the 2008 Greek Wine Cellars Moscofilero Mantina scored 16 points on the Dionysian scale. This Greek white grape ( mus-ko-fill-er-oh) is idea for fish, light cheeses, and salads. It has lime, orange peal, floral notes and excellent refreshing acidity. I usually drink Moscofilero within five, maybe six years, but I kept this bottle for 12 years to see how it would hold up. It developed an additional complexity that drinkers of older wines would like.


This was served with a vegetable soup and a salad laced with raisons, nuts, and parts of tangerine slices. The wine helped make a cloudy day seem to have more sunshine. Ideal for fish.

It usually has a very light straw color, but with age, it deepened, like all white wines will do. The wine comes into the States  through Nestor Imports of New York. This grape also makes a very enjoyable Greek sparkling wine. Look for both the still and sparkling version.  In Vino Veritas.