The 2018 Crossroads Sauvignon Blanc Mt. Veeder in Napa Valley was made by theRudd Estate, costing $39, has 14.5% alcohol (I know, way too much for S.B.) and scored a basic commercial 14+ points on the Dionysian scale of a possible 20.

The fig on the nose came from all the Semillon added to the blend, and some tropical notes showed well, but little or no grapefruit, the dominate ester for Sauvignon Blanc never appeared. I, at first, thought it might be a white Bordeaux, since it was tasted blind, but it didn’t have the texture or taste.

It was very far from what you think of as Sauvignon Blanc. Maybe an expensive party white.

It’s made for youthful West Coast drinkers. It is as good as it’ll ever get. Don’t age any. It’s a style out of touch with knowledgable wine lovers who see wine as a partner of food. In Vino Veritas.