The 2019 Jas des Vignes Rose’ from Alpes de Haute-Provence has 12.5% alcohol, cost under $15, and scored 16+ points on the traditional 20-point scale of the Dionysian Society, International.

Unripe strawberry, cherry pit and subtle citrus shows on the nose. It’s clean and dry and ideal to serve with food. As Americans learn that Rose’ from Provence is dry and made to pair with food, and not a sweet pink white zinfandel pour, quality Rose’ will continue to grow in sales as I predicted six years ago.

Served with a tuna salad dish, orange tomatoes and a salad.

I feel the best Rose’ comes from Provence. “Haute” means “upper” and the entire area is making Best Buy wines. Try any of them. In Vino Veritas.