With 12 % alcohol, scoring a fine 17 Dionysian points, and costing under $40, the MV Champagne Mailly Grand Cru has a fine bead, nice toasty notes, and a subtle aroma of a warm oven while baking bread.   “MV” stand for “multi-vintage” while most people use the NV letters for non-vintage, it is really a blend of three or more vintages, therefore MV.


This Champagne is a Brut Reserve, It’s perfect as a reception or starting glass of bubbles.

The wine has a “CM” code meaning it was made by a Cooperative Manipulant . That means the growers were not involved with its production.   This class is usually a good buy. Champagne prices have gone beyond reach for most people, and examples like this one can greatly help. All of this information is listed my my book, Wine for Intellectuals, p. 80.  Get a copy from Amazon. In Vino Veritas