Scoring 17 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, the NV Clos Amador Brut CAVA Rose’ Tendre has 11.5% alcohol, cost under $16, and is worth much more.

Wild strawberry, unripe cherry, even violets, and refreshing acids make the bubbly an ideal summer wine. Instead of the three traditional Spanish grapes for their white CAVA, this Rose’ is typical of of the Trepat grape. Look for one.

We drank half with olives and almonds, then use it to enhance the salmon & cod fish dinner. Delightful.Made like Champagne right in the bottle, but with different grapes.

Cava doesn’t spend as much tie on the yeast as Champagne does, but dollar for dollar, you simply can not beat serving Spanish Cava before or with nearly every meal. Dionysian Anthony Fisher and I have tasted and reviewed nearly every Spanish CAVA, and this is always one of the Best Buys. In Vino Veritas.