Costing under $30, with 12.5% alcohol, the 2018 “R” Rieussec scored 18 gold medal points on the 20-point Dionysian scale.

It was yellow with a golden edge, had white grapefruit, and lime on the nose, and finished with a mouth-refreshing flavor that lingered.

The House is a First Growth in the 1855 Sauternes & Barsac listing, but that entire area is now making much more dry white wine.



Served with grilled scallops, the wine was an ideal match.

White Bordeaux is a treasure far too many people really know about.


Seafood call for younger wines and this 2018 Rieussec , just on the market, will be excellent for another five years, even good after that, just different.

The wine has to use the Bordeaux Blanc AOC because its from a sweet wine AOC. Robin Kelley O’Connor, a wine specialist and Bordeaux spokesman introduced me onto this vintage . Thanks,  In Vino Veritas.