2004 Lelarge Pugeot Champagne

Older Vintage Champagne has unique complexities. The 2004 Lelarge Pugeot Champagne Preminer Cru  from Vrigny in the Champagne regions of Northern France, has 12% alcohol, cost about $80,…


1994 Cockburn’s Vintage Porto

At 20% alcohol, costing just $45 back then, the 1994 Cockburn’s Vintage Porto scored 19 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale. Blackberry and black cherry filled the nose….


1974 Fossi Chianti Classico Riserva

At 45 years old, the 1974 Fossi Chianti Classico Riserva was remarkable! Cost under $9 back then, it has 12.5% alcohol, and scored 18+ points on the Dionysian…


2017 Putalj & 2018 Zure Grk

Highlighting two wines from Croatia at one: The 2017 Putalj Kastelanski Crljenak is a Zinfandel. It has 15% alcohol, made in a Californian style and scored 16 points,…


2012 Notios

At seven years old, the 2012 Notios from the Greek Peloponnisos, had 12 % alcohol, scored 15 points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, and cost under $9 a…


1975 Barbi Brunello

The 1975 Barbi Brunello de Montalcino, with 13% alcohol scored 17+ points out of the Dionysian 20. It cost below $15 back then, and at 44 years old,…


1990 Saintsbury Chardonnay

The 1990 Saintsbury Chardonnay, with 12.9% alcohol, and at 29 years old, was a cellar test of mine. The wine scored13 points on the Dionysian scale because it…


1998 Gaja Barbaresco

Gaja is the master of Barbaresco and this 21 year-old example proves it. The 1998 Gaja Barbaresco, with 14% alcohol, savored with Dionysian Robert Bucknam, scored 19 points…


2014 Koyle Costa Pinot Noir

With 14%v alcohol, the 2014 Koylle Costa Pinot Noir from Colchugua Costa at Paredones, Chile, it cost under $20, and scored 16+ points on the classic Dionysian scale of…


2010 Folie a Deux Zinfandel

The 2010 Folie a Deux Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County, has 14.3% alcohol, scored 16+ points on the 20-point Dionysian scale, and cost about $15…